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The Numbers are Real

The Lives are Real

This could be your daughter, your neice, your cousin, your neighbor... STOP IT NOW  


The Victim Services Committee of the Maryland Human Trafficking Task Force (MHTTF) has released findings from its most recent Victim Identification and Services Survey.This survey was designed to obtain information on the number of human trafficking victims who were identified and received services in Maryland during the past year.*

In 2014, MHTTF Victim Services Committee members reported identifying and providing services to:

  • 396 survivors of human trafficking** 
    (up from 217 in 2013)
    • 15 labor trafficking
      • 2 U.S. citizens
      • 13 foreign nationals
    • 381 sex trafficking
      • 373 U.S. citizens
      • 8 foreign nationals
Significantly for the population Araminta serves, more than half of those whose ages were reported were children (124 of 221). Your continued support through your time, treasure, and talents are incredibly important as we continue to pursue our vision Until Every Child is FREE! 

*The results are reflective of human trafficking survivors who are identified by member organizations / agencies on the Victim Services Committee. This survey is not meant to provide a complete picture of human trafficking in Maryland, however, it is an eye-opening start. 

**While many survivors are provided services through a variety of organizations, careful steps were taken for the purposes of this survey to attempt to only count each survivor once. Despite these efforts, it’s possible that a survivor has been reported by two different organizations.

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