On November 19th, 2018, Delaware Attorney General, Matt Denn, petitioned the Chancery of the State of Delaware to cancel the "certificates of formation of four Delaware limited liability companies that were deeply involved in the criminal activities that were part and parcel of the ownership and operation of the notorious sex trafficking website Backpage (http://www.backpage.com) (“Backpage”)."

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Delaware AG Petitions Chancery of the State of Delaware

A Connecticut sex trafficking ring is illuminating what advocates call the underreported scourge of male trafficking and the devastation it leaves behind.

Nov. 15, 2018

download 1BY DAVE COLLINS, Associated Press

TOLLAND, Conn. (AP) — Like many victims of a Connecticut sex trafficking ring that preyed on troubled young men and teenage boys for more than 20 years, Samuel Marino never told his family or police about being coerced into sexual relations with much older men.

Marino ended up carjacking vehicles from two different women in 2009 and leading police on a chase that left him dead at just 26 years old. In a handwritten note found years later in a raid on one of the suspected sex trafficking ring leader's homes, Marino wrote he was angry, ashamed and disgusted at how he was taken advantage of.

"He couldn't deal with the torture and the shame of being prostituted and also of being an addict," said his mother, Linda Marino, who found out about the sex trafficking only after the arrests were announced two years ago. "I'm sure he felt hopelessness and despair. The pain of not being able to help my son Sam when he was going through this is insurmountable."

Police said they identified at least 15 victims of the Connecticut trafficking ring but believe there could be dozens more. The operation appeared to date to the 1990s and was discovered only after a state probation officer reported it to authorities in January 2016, police said. One of the victims had told the probation officer about being trafficked, officials said. Two men have pleaded guilty to trafficking-related charges and a third is expected to go on trial early next year.

Link to Article: https://dsp.delaware.gov/2018/11/02/four-arrested-in-human-trafficking-case-laurel/


Laurel– The Delaware State Police in conjunction with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Investigations have arrested four suspects in connection with a human trafficking case.

The investigation began on Wednesday, October 30, 2018 when Troopers were dispatched to the Relax Inn located at 30702 Sussex Highway at approximately 8:28 a.m., for a report of a female who was being held against her will and forced to perform sex acts on people.  Upon arrival, Troopers located a 22-year-old female victim from Maryland.  It was learned that the victim had been taken back and forth between Delaware and Maryland against her will and forced to perform commercial sex acts on multiple people in exchange for compensation.

Three suspects were initially taken into custody at the Relax Inn without incident, 25-year-old David B. Goodwin of Federalsburg, MD, 27-year-old Kevonne L. Murphy of Federalsburg, MD, and 38-year-old Lakeya N. Aldridge of Federalsburg, MD.

Through investigative measures a fourth suspect was identified as 30-year-old Joshua Lankford of Federalsburg, MD.

All four suspects were charged with the following:

  • Kidnapping First Degree
  • Human Trafficking – Sexual Servitude
  • Trafficking an Individual
  • Conspiracy Second Degree

Polaris has been actively working with law enforcement, service providers, and legislators over the past few months to disrupt massage parlor trafficking.

This year, we have helped 17 municipalities and 5 states craft new or improved laws to regulate massage businesses and provide stronger tools for enforcement. We have also trained 700 law enforcement officers on the realities of this form of human trafficking, and 350 service providers to recognize and support survivors of human trafficking. We are working hard to elevate local leaders who are helping create a world where traffickers are held accountable, and survivors receive the support they need.

Part of that work involves helping to change the way the outside world views these illicit criminal enterprises and treats the women who are forced into them. This is where you — as a consumer of your local news — can make a huge difference! Do you remember the last time you saw a story in your local news about illicit activities at a massage parlor? Maybe it looked something like this:









What you might not have realized is that many of the women in the photos are actually human trafficking victims. Instead of being protected like other victims of crime, they are being exposed and publicly shamed.  

We need your help! If you see a story that is potentially harmful to massage parlor trafficking victims, send the reporter an email and submit a letter to the editor. (Here’s an example of a letter we had published.)

All it takes is one person — you — to make a difference in how your local media reports on this issue. Together, we can ensure victim identities are protected across the country!

The Polaris Team

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