EndTraffickingDelaware is compiling a list of resources that are crucial in both the fight to eliminate human trafficking and bring healing to its victims.

Polaris Project

polaris project logo 300x84The North Star “Polaris” was instrumental in guiding the escape route of slaves using the Underground Railroad of the 1860s. And the Polaris Project has been developed to permanently alter the way that citizens and authorities deal with human trafficking.

In the U.S., Polaris advocates for improved legislation at both the federal and state levels.  They also man the critical resource known as the National Human Trafficking Resource Center Hotline @ 1-888-373-7888.

Tahirih Justice Center

tahirih justice center logoImmigrants to the United States face a unique and formidable set of challenges that can leave them vulnerable to human traffickers, and the Tahirih Justice Center works tirelessly to see that these women, even young girls, receive the justice that they have every right to expect.

Offering pro bono legal, advocacy, and public awareness/education opportunities is at the center of Tahirih’s mission. Tahirih funds its operations by the generous giving capacity of those who are already aware of the devastation that trafficking leaves in its wake.

Dept. of Homeland Security’s Blue Campaign

blue campaign logoThe Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has created the Blue Campaign as its unified platform to harness every resource that can be brought to bear in the battle to end trafficking.  Government and non-governmental effort combines with that of law enforcement to build the Blue Campaign into an effective tool for preserving basic freedoms and bringing traffickers to justice.

DHS also uses the Blue Campaign to increase public awareness and provide crucial training.  Through its efforts, Homeland Security expects to increase the flow of tips and information made available to law enforcement at all levels.

State of Delaware: Domestic Violence Coordinating Council

DVCC labelThe Domestic Violence Coordinating Council is a state agency legislatively created in 1993 to improve Delaware’s response to domestic violence.  The Coordinating Council brings together domestic violence service providers and policy level officials to identify and implement improvements in system response through legislation, education, and policy development.

Virtual Global Taskforce

virtual global taskforce logoAn international effort involving law authorities, industry and NGOs, the Virtual Global Taskforce (VGT) seeks to make the internet a safer environment.  VGT moves to find and secure those children who are at risk, bring appropriate action against the perpetrators of indecent activity.

Hope for Justice

hopeforjusticeHope for Justice identifies and rescues victims, advocates on their behalf, provides restorative care which rebuilds lives and trains frontline professionals to tackle slavery.

From five offices across three continents we operate a proven multi-disciplinary model based on years of combined experience.

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Report Abuse Online

Reporting suspected sexual predator behavior can save a life.



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Trafficking Hotline

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